An Early New Year’s Resolution

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Many weeks ago, I had been approached about co-hosting a new art related theme (project) on G+. After I had researched and set aside time from my schedule to create a project page, develop bylaws, and write instructions for this future endeavor, it seems interest has now waned and the other participant does not share my same level of enthusiasm. I then contacted another well known G+ artist/photographer who was very enthusiastic about joining the project. However, after giving more thought into my overall experience spent on this project, I am scrapping the entire idea for now.

Rather than be discouraged, I made a vow to myself to do something a little differently with my time and presence on G+. Although I have enjoyed joining in various photography related themes/projects, I will be focusing on my own personal daily creativity schedule.

In a nutshell, my intentions are simple. Beginning 1/1/12, whatever “pops” into my head on any given day will be recorded and incorporated into my own personal “365/6 Project”. Any creative juices that spill from this overflowing brain cave of mine will be shared: a photograph, a doodle, a verse of rhyme. Anything creative. My own personal challenge. I’ve always been a non-conformist so this is probably the best avenue for me to pursue at this time. I guess you could consider this to be my early 2012 New Year’s resolution. But this time, I’m following through. Health permitting. (I was stifled two months into my 2011 365 project with nagging health issues).

I will be updating this site daily as well as G+ for all who would like to follow the process/progress.

Waffles and sparkles,

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