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My mind is a wondrous play land filled with a mix of imagination and fantasy bordering on the verge of darkness and insanity.

I create worlds of surrealism through my art. Inspiration is derived from daily life experiences, psychedelic motifs, and manic subconscious episodes. My art generally reflects my moods from the calm and serene delving into the mysterious and macabre.

Trained as a professional photographer at the New York Institute of Photography, I now produce surrealism photography projects, digital art illustrations/paintings, and original watercolor, acrylic, and oil pastel artwork. Examples can be found in the “Gallery” section of this site. Current projects can be viewed on my Instagram account: @OgreSupreme

Feel free to contact me for commissions.

Waffles and sparkles,

PS. Thank you for your interest in my artwork. Your donations would be greatly appreciated. Donors of $25 or more will receive a special "Artist's Gift Pack" [consisting of 1 original and 1 print chosen specifically by the artist].


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